2014/2015 Foreign Reporting for Individuals

With one month to go if you are like me, I get real confused when I have clients asking questions about foreign assets, what has to be reported, where it goes, etc. Further below, to give you that last tax season edge, we have re-printed a chart from our 2014/2015 Foreign Reporting for Individuals” manual. (Full manual is available in a printed format or ebook)

Before the chart, please let me discuss one other thing. First, for those of you that prepare financial statements, everything has changed for this fall. Effective for periods ending on or after 12/15/2015 every report letter, engagement letter and type of engagement has changed. We have completely and totally re-written our entire compilation and review course for this year-more information is available in the ads attached.We have divided the information into 1 big course (Compilations and Reviews) and 3 small courses:
  • Accountant’s reports and letters for just the new reports and engagement letters without the discussion;
  • Compilations (only) for just the compilation changes, reports & letters; and
  • Reviews (only) for just the review changes with reports and letters. Because of the sweeping changes, the addition of a new reporting type (Preparation) and the practical guidance involved we highly recommend the live class this year. At TaxSpeaker we are offering this class in nearly every self-sponsored city this summer and combining it with a package price, and many of our sponsoring societies are doing the same, so check the appropriate website.
Thanks and sorry for the interruption.Download all charts in PDF format: 2014.2015_Foreign_Reporting_for_Individuals