Tax Practitioners Bill of Rights

Hi everyone –

As you are aware, NSA issued a press release on its “Tax Practitioners Bill of Rights”. The article was picked up by Accounting Today, CCH and other tax services, investment banks, in lawyers’ blogs, and overseas (in other words, it is receiving a very wide distribution). Apparently the substance of the article touched a nerve for many, and NSA has taken the lead in this initiative by complaining about stressors affecting tax practitioners.
John Ams has notified his IRS contacts, but we need to bring this to the attention of legislators in order to try to improve our lives. Accordingly, NSA has started an online petition where we would like all NSA members, ASO members, and anyone in the profession (like all of your staff), to sign up. The petition is at I suppose if your clients agree with what we are asking for, that should be fair game for the petition also.
Please help NSA out by circulating this petition until we have thousands agreeing to the Tax Practitioners Bill of Rights.
I would like to thank the Tax Committee, Curt Lee, and John Ams for their help in putting together this wish list for Practitioners.
Thank you for your assistance in this matter!
Marilyn M. Niwao, J.D., CPA, ATA, CGMA
NSA President